What type of internet user are you? Let “The Office” reveal all!

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Are you a Pam, a Jim, a Stanley or a Creed? 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably at least a little bit of a fan of The Office. You might identify with the characters based on their roles in the show, but which cast member are you most like? There’s something we all do a little differently, and that’s how, when and for what we use the internet. So, find out which character you’re most like based on your internet habits. 

Dwight Schrute

You might be like Dwight if you use sites like Ancestry.com to trace your family tree. It’s hard to keep track when you have 70 cousins! You may have tried once or twice to find true love on the FarmersOnly dating website. But you always come back to your true love, sales and making money. 

Pam Beesly

Sitting in front of a computer all day can be a bit boring for you if you’re a true Pam Beesly-type. You’d much rather be hanging out with your family or sketching in your dream notebook. But, despite your indifferent attitude, you’re actually pretty tech-savvy. You can set up and connect all the Wi-Fi devices in your house — when you want to, that is. 

Jim Halpert

Your favorite online activity is watching prank videos on YouTube, but no one cares because you still get the job done. You don’t put too much effort into keeping up with online news or celebrity gossip, but you sometimes browse eBay for old comic books. 

Stanley Hudson 

You might be like Stanley if you love apps and games. But none of that fancy graphic stuff for you — you’re happy with the tried and true standards like crosswords and sudoku. Your other favorite internet pastime? Researching the perfect spot for your next vacation. 

Kevin Malone

Have you ever visited Chilifest.org? Do clips of the Cookie Monster make you inexplicably irate? You might be a Kevin. You don’t always use the internet in the most practical way, and to be honest, you’ve confused your cellphone calculator for your alarm clock on more than one occasion. But when you’re jamming out to The Police on your Spotify playlist, you’re a happy soul. 

Angela Martin

You have newsletters from ModernCat, Love Meow, and of course, IHeartCats.com delivered to your inbox each morning. Besides that, you mainly just use the internet to special order your organic, gluten-free cat food and American Girl doll clothes (for you, of course). 

Phyllis Vance

Reading online comments for all the snarky replies is your favorite guilty-pleasure internet pastime. And since you pay close attention to details and can read between the lines, you always know the town gossip before anyone else. But that doesn’t mean you’re out to get anyone — most of the time.   

Meredith Palmer 

It’s no secret that you are working for the weekend. So as long as you show up and login, you count it as a productive day. What are you searching on the internet? Well, let’s just say it has to be done in incognito mode. 

Creed Bratton

Your blog where you expose worldwide conspiracies is going to go viral any day now, if you could just figure out how to link your LiveJournal to your Word document. In the meantime, you effortlessly multi-task between playing solitaire and using the internet to… wait, what was it you were looking for again?

Oscar Martinez

When it comes to the relationship between you and the internet, it’s all business. You don’t have time for a lot of frivolous concerns. To you, the web is a means to an end, a way to buckle down and get things done. But every once in a while, you can be caught streaming Glee on Netflix. 

Darryl Philbin

To you, the internet is like having a virtual library at your fingertips. From devising your next business idea to downloading books on your (gasp, paperless) Kindle, the internet is full of possibilities. But you also know how to kick back and relax, using the web to stream a few old-school Nickelodeon shows with the fam too. 

Ryan Howard

You have five different dating profiles all specifically staged to attract a different type of woman — and you have an office girlfriend who doesn’t know about any of them. Sound like you? Uh-oh, you might be a Ryan. Your favorite thing to do on a Friday night is go to the hippest club in town, where you can hype up your next big business idea (WUPHF.com’s going to hit it big soon), but come Monday, it’s back to the same ol’ daily grind.  

Kelly Kapoor

Online shopping. Catching up on celebrity gossip. Facebook stalking your co-worker/former boyfriend/current crush (that might all be the same person) on your break time. These are the top three signs you’re a Kelly. People might think you’re shallow, until you surprise them with your one-two punch of business know-how. 

Toby Flenderson

You’ve checked your Facebook messages, Instagram and Twitter feeds twice in the last hour, but still no messages. You might be a Toby if you’re still waiting on that evite for the after-hours office party. Well, don’t hold your breath. 

Michael Scott

Between forwarding inappropriate emails, writing your next epic screenplay and recording your hilarious (in your opinion) parody songs, you’re on the internet a lot! But that doesn’t mean you’re particularly tech-savvy, in spite of all the time spent procrastinating, er, researching, online.

Now that you know your alter-ego, go forth and enjoy the internet for all its weird, quirky qualities, just like the characters on The Office! From TikTok to outrageous Wi-Fi gadgets, it’s a wild World Wide Web. And whenever you need help, check back to the Resource Center for more useful and entertaining posts about everything broadband-related. 

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