Hi SF community,

We’re back with a new project we’re excited to share: KW-01 – The Perfect Scarf.

We started our co-creation with the SF-01 sneakers, then hand-welted shoes, and now we’re broadening our scope. Designed by the community, woven or knitted in Italy or Scotland (depending on what the unanimous vote is), available in a range of colours and materials. We’ve chosen scarves as a flexible choice, applicable to anyone in your life, a singularly adaptable item, a luxury that is neither under or overwhelming, a utility that can also be an accessory.

We’ve dropped in early to solve an inevitable problem, tackling the Christmas gifting situation, well ahead of time. Holidays can be a lot of different things, but Christmas ones are unique. Expensive, stressful — with your participation expected… And no, at Archibald we aren’t a bunch of Grinches, just the opposite, in fact. Which is why we’re crafting the Archibald x SF Christmas Special, giving you a chance to purchase for a loved one (or even for yourself), the perfect gift, so far in advance, by the time the season comes round, there’s no panic, no problem — for the trickiest person in your life (or a touch of self-care to pre-empt the self-neglect) the subject is settled.

How it works:

  1. Fill in our short survey ( to share your thoughts on all aspects of the scarf- material, design, fringes- you name it.
  2. We’ll then share the results in the forum for open discussion and feedback, which we’ll also take into account as part of the research and design phase.
  3. Our trusted craftsmen in Italy/Scotland will create 3-5 samples which we’ll share on the forum through photos and videos for any final thoughts and feedback.
  4. Pre-orders will open up for all sample designs, and we’ll take it from there.

The scarves will be available at Naked with a small margin added for unforeseen costs (we are learning).

For you: Holiday gifting (or self-gifting) sorted at an unbeatable value. The offer will be exclusively available to the SF community and maybe (just maybe) our registered user base on Archibald. Though it is an SF item so I think we want to keep this exclusive.

For us: You will be gifting an item with our name on it to yourself and many people so we are seeing this as an incredible opportunity to get more people to understand just what we do.


Rohan and the team at Archibald

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