The Rubinacci Thread.

I believe places like SF succeed to the extent to which they provide information that helps people make better decisions. With regards to clothing, pictures and customer services experiences can go a long way in the decision process.

I hope this thread goes a long way in conveying to prospective Rubinacci customers his house style and the level of customer service. It should serve as a house for all member experiences and pictures (good and bad). It would be my hope that over time we would have similar threads for all the bespoke makers. Today it seems the information is available but it takes significant searching to get to it.

I made my own decision to use Rubinacci in large part because of Matt photos on this site and his goodwill with sharing his experiences with me. I hope that this thread and others with it allow those with aspirations of going the bespoke route all the information they need to make the best decision for themselves.


As far as my own experience I’ll I can say is that I’m very pleased. My first meeting was with Mariano in London over the New Years holiday. I think one of the advantages of using Rubinacci is that its a family run business. In most cases your working with the man himself. We talked about a half hour before discussing clothing, a nice change of pace from what I have been accustomed to. I felt very comfortable letting go with what I had in mind in terms of cut and styling and let him direct me, I think its the first time in my life that I’ve felt ok doing this. Even at Charvet I had reservations about suggestions, not with Mariano. Anyway I ended up places an order for the solid gray DB, pictured below, and two jackets both in heavy tweeds.

The first fitting was about two months later in New York, again with Mariano. The garments at this stage are in rudimentary form, baste, etc. He was not pleased with the shoulder of the DB and made significant notes and asked a multitude of questions about fit, etc. We scheduled a follow up fitting in London in May.

My second fitting was with his daughter who like her father was a pleasure to deal with. At this stage the garments were put together save for the button holes and inner lining. She made several minor edits to all three garments and notified me that they would be complete by the end of the month and ready for pick up in NYC.

Well as my job would have it I was not able to pick them up but they shipped them anyway, the entire process conducted via email was smooth and went off without a hitch.

I look foward to hearing comments from you guys but from my limited experience the garments fit me better than anything I’ve ever owned. I think one of the things that struck me was how Italian the garment is, its very stylish from the buttons to the famous breast pocket to the shape of the chest and shoulders. Its almost anti-english except for the fabrics.

I’ll attach more pictures this evening and when I have time I’ll put together some pics with the other two jackets as well. I hope you enjoy.