The Official MMA thread

The announcer was making me cringe throughout the show.

“He’s got an open guard trying to make a closed guard.”

I understand it’s probably meant for the new viewers, but still.

I felt that some of the fighters were pretty unconditioned, especially poor Kimbo. I mean damn, it seemed like he was taking punches on the ground just so he could lay there for a few minutes.

The women seemed pretty out of it too, and I have to agree that Gina was pretty unprofessional about it. I know they’re professional fighters, but it didn’t look like it in the ring. And I lol’d at Gina’s post-fight interview.

“I tried to take her out with the… gogoplata I think it’s called? That was fun.”

Many of them seem unrefined and untrained.

On the other hand, I’m looking forward to the Faber-Pulver bout. I love watching Faber in the ring, and I hope he shuts Pulver up.