So, one of my storage locker guys brings me a bag full of stuff, nothing too fantastic but workable. I get about 30 pieces, PPU $4. I was on the fence about this jacket because it had some wear, but I said fuck if, for $4 even a $20 sale is fine.

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Went through our check-in process and measurements etc, and when it got back to me for listing, I noticed this which I missed when I bought it from the guy, the neck was totally toast.

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But ugh, Versace, a nice check, silk blend, all the right keywords, hard to let go but I said screw it, let it go. Decided to chuck it, maybe harvest the buttons but something said do a quick check since it was from a storage locker and not a thrift.

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Oh my. Felt something in the pocket and like you all, Im sure you never expect the lettuce but always get a towel/receipt/metrocard etc.

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Yeah, or $700 in near sequential hundreds, thats fine too.

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