Ten C : The Emperor’s New Clothes

I came across Ten C for the first time in Vienna, in Neumann shop. I was looking for Stone Island when the trench and field jacket caught my eye and I must admit, the quality was superior to anything else in the shop. In next few months I found several shops that carry this ‘obscure’ brand. Unfortunately I never got any official list from the manufacturer, so this list is nor final nor certain. According to the press, there are about 50 stores that carry Ten C, so please feel free to add to this list. One thing I found out is that (allegedly) the material being used for Ten C items is the same material that Bentley uses as soft tops for it’s cabriolet cars…

Neumann – Vienna, Austria
14 Oz – Berlin, Germany
Magazzino – Berlin, Germany
Kentaurus – Cologne, Germany
Identita – Dusseldorf, Germany
Selected Gallery – Frankfurt, Germany
Flow Store – Florence, Italy
Best of Brands / Butcher of Blue – Hoogland, Netherlands
Dee Cee – Zurich, Switzerland
Bureau – Belfast, UK
Union Store – Los Angeles, US

Best info about the brand could be found on 14 Oz’s site. Big thanks to member auggie for letting me know about the Dee Cee shop in Zurich.

The latest news regarding the brand is that FGF Industry (Blauer, CP Company) is taking over the distribution from S/S season 2013. Whether this is a good thing, only time will tell.