Pregnancy Entrapment – What are your legal rights, if any?

A friend of mine’s girlfriend told him she was on the birth control shot and he could have sex with her with no condom. He did, and now she is pregnant. She has told him her family took her to get the shot and her family that he took her to get it. At this point it looks like no shot was gotten. He found out she had done this to two other guys right before him but he is the first one who got her pregnant. The other males were his friend and a casual encounter from a dating site.

She wants to keep the baby, he doesn’t. He would prefer abortion or adoption, but has accepted that he might be paying child support for the next 18 years and intends to have no contact with the child and only contact her in court if necessary. He is 22 and she is 23.

The girl is literally crazy and it seems like she is doing this on purpose. Does he have any legal recourse or has she ruined his life?

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