Paul Stuart – Manufacturer Made in Italy

I think that’s more than fair, they’re all CJ to my knowledge, other than old stock, don’t think there is any more AS/Grenson these days.

I prefer Paul Stuart’s CJ to BB by far because they’re mostly on same mainstream last (348/341/360) rather than BB which was like 90% on 240 (which doesn’t look that great, and at least for me doesn’t fit that well either).

I didn’t pick up Paolo Scafora because I’m mostly on Antonio Meccariello these day as I know AM fits me well and Paolo Scafora is unkonwn quantity (and exploring bunch higher end Chinese handwelt guys).

I think Paolo Scafora is well worth the price, just by looking at Paolo Scafora’s picture alone (old Skoat stuff and others), it easily beats all major English brand on finishing term (though Paolo Scafora is definitely more “pointy” for lack of better word)