Old School Shirt Collars

I’ve worn detachable collars for years, even made my own. But you have to know that they are a PITA.

First, stand-up collars, esp. need to be stiff. I mean stiff. If you are making your own, interfacing that is stiff enough is hard to find, if not impossible. The originals were boiled in starch and ironed with special techniques (IIRC, there are only two companies in the world that still do this).

And they get dirty quickly so washing…and starching and ironing…had to be done frequently to retain that ‘elegance.’

At some point during the heyday of detachable collars, many were made of paper and/or celluloid. This solved the starching problem, but esp. with the paper collars, not the dirt. and of course paper collars weren’t meant to be washed. .

Beyond that, stiff stand-up collars (esp. the high ones) are not really all that comfortable.

All that said, with a handful good band collar shirts, and another handful of different detachable collars, your potential wardrobe is much more versatile..

And personally, I think they look great.. esp with a somewhat fin de siecle style three piece suit and/or a frock coat. Or even a Prince Charlie and kilt.