Need help with shoe advice

Hello all. I’m looking to buy a pair of black captoe/wholecut oxfords.
I’m looking to spend in the range of 180usd to 250usd max.
I have a few options here, I would appreciate any opinions or advice.

1. Meermin Wholecut in Elton last

2. Skolyx captoe oxford

3. Carlos Santos black captoe oxford,401 almond last (standard model with open channel stitching)

4. Yanko black captoe/wholecut oxfords
5. LodinG France black Captoe oxfords nerisa or roma one cut black wholecut oxfords.
Yanko would be the most expensive one here for me after shipping and tax. Am looking for opinions on carlos santos standard models and the loding shoes. Preferably I would like the best value, although it seems like I really can’t go wrong with any of the choices.

The cheapest and most accessible one for me would be carlos santos. Followed by loding, meermin , skolyx and yanko.

Sadly TLB mallorca is out of my price range. If not I would have settled for those.

Thanks in advance