Isaia models

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My Stewart model suit is trim and lean, high armholes and waist with moderate suppresion. It has some extremely light padding on a very natural shoulder line.

The ‘Base S’ jacket I have is still lean through the chest with a natural shoulder line (again with very light padding), but the cut through the waist is more full.

That’s exact oppsite to my experience, Stweart model, along with Scott , were more generously cut ( wider shoulders and lower armholes) than any other Isaia models. I also own Enrico A. model , its a bit slimmer on the shoulders and higher armholes, while Vincent is the slimmest models of all.

Of course all these are moot, becuase they now mostly make either “Base S” or “Base V” model. Base S is more cut generously while Base V is cut slim.