Help with shoes losing colour

Hi guys,

So I bought, what are for me, an expensive pair of shoes. They’re NPS made in England derby shoes in walnut calf.

I had been polishing them with the cream polish that came with them, but last week I used mahogany beeswax polish to get a better shine. Maybe I’m dumb, but mahogany I found is a good deal lighter than walnut but I didn’t notice at the time and the shoes looked fine after polishing.

But when I put them on the following morning, almost immediately I noticed at where the creases are a lighter colour brown was breaking through. So today I polished them with the dark brown cream polish, and still when I put them on the creases showed a lighter colour. Ok, I thought, maybe the cream polish isn’t strong enough the overide the beeswax. So I took the dark brown beeswax polish and still I have the same problem: a lighter colour at the creases.

Maybe I’m going insane, and this is what should be the case. But the shoes look discoloured and motley, and I really don’t know how to fix the issue. Maybe its cheap leather after 6 weeks of use.

But if anyone has any advice I’d really appreciate your help.

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