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Super tiny Rubik’s Cube goes on sale in Japan for $1,900


A super small Rubik’s Cube measuring just 9.9 millimeters (0.39 inches) and weighing 2 grams opened for preorder in Japan yesterday for delivery in December at the whopping price of 198,000 yen ($1,900 USD).

Billed as a “super-small” Rubik’s Cube, it was created to mark the 40th anniversary of when the original 3-D puzzle went on sale in Japan.

It’s made of “ultra-precision metal,” and comes with a box for its display, according to MegaHouse Corp., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based toymaker Bandai Co.

If only all things went up in value the smaller they were. Am I right, fellas? Eh? Am I right? Can I get a fist bump, anyone? No? Just the sounds of quiet sobbing in the corner? That’s cool too.

Keep going for one more shot of the super small Rubik’s Cube...

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Amazon is making a Ring flying camera drone and they made a really weird video to promote it


Because filling your home with cameras controlled by one of the largest companies in the world wasn’t enough, Amazon announced today they’re making a flying Ring camera drone that will actually be able to fly to where the action is. The video shows the camera flying to the world’s worst burglar, but I imagine the real use is so Amazon can spy on people having sex and maybe pooping. What, you thought you could just point your camera away from your bedroom and bathroom? No, no, no, my friend. There’s no escaping Mr. Bezos’ tiny flying camera and he prefers his videos both private and embarrassing.

Keep going for the full, weird, announcement video.

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This is a video of a girl playing around on her dad’s time-locking container after her brother jokingly ...

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Girl accidentally locks her phone in a timed locker for two days


This is a video of a girl playing around on her dad’s time-locking container after her brother jokingly puts her phone in it, not understanding that by rotating the lid she is actually increasing the duration of the timer. She eventually realizes what she’s done when the timer shows 2 days and she breaks down in a combination of laughter and tears. Her reaction is actually kind of amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. I imagine it’s the reaction you would have if somebody was tickling you while simultaneously murdering your family.

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Filmmaker and radio/podcast guy Andrew Norton edited scenes of people wearing headphones in movies but replaced the music with podcasts...

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A day late, but here’s Demi Adejuyigbe’s annual September 21 video


Every year for the past five years, Demi Adejuyigbe has put out a video on September 21 in honor of Earth, Wind & Fire’s song September. He somehow manages to top himself every year and they’re always weirdly delightful in a way that makes you forget the world is a dumpster fire of misery. Apparently he’s fought the desire to make the video each year but keeps getting sucked back in. He tells Vulture:

It kind of feels like a prison I’ve built myself. September 22nd is a very nice moment when I don’t have to think about that. Then, as I get closer and closer to September, I start feeling like, I guess I should figure out what I’m going to do this year. And I get lucky, because for a lot of time I won’t think about it. Then I’ll just have this idea, and build from that...

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Longcat, the cat known on the internet for being long, has died


In sad news, Longcat, the infamously long cat, died in Japan yesterday at the age of 18. The cat, whose real name was Nobiko, was posted to the imageboard 2chan between 2004 and 2005 and became popular in 2006 for his longness (she was apparently 65 cm).

Hong Kong-based pro-democracy website Stand News reported that Longcat had been rushed to the vet after being found in a weak state on Sunday morning. The cat eventually passed away at around 2pm local time.

Looks like 2020 isn’t done with us yet. One can only hope Longcat is continuing to be long in heaven. I just wish there was another long cat to replace Longcat so that I could say, “Longcat is dead, long live Longcat.” Because long.


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Fictional homes reimagined as Polly Pockets


Working with CGI artist Jan Koudela, TheToyZone created these ultra-realistic Polly Pockets from the fictional worlds of television and movies. The above is the Simpson’s residence from The Simpsons, but they also made one for Stranger Things, Friends, The Lord of the Rings, The Shining, and The Royal Tenenbaums. They’re all pretty great and worth checking out. It’d be cool if they could’ve made one for my home, but I guess nobody would be interested in a Polly Pocket that was just a cigarette box filled with trash and bed bugs. Realistic, yes. Fun, not so much.

Keep going for the rest.

The Byers residence from Stranger Things:


Monica’s apartment from Friends:


Hobbit house from The Lord of the Rings:


The Overlook Hotel from The Shining:


The Tenenbaums residence from The Royal Tenen...

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Researchers develop battery-free Game Boy that can run forever




Researchers at Northwestern University and the Delft University of Technology have developed a Game Boy that uses solar power and the energy generated from mashing buttons to run forever.

As the device switches between power sources, it does experience short losses in power. To ensure an acceptable duration of gameplay between power failures, the researchers designed the system hardware and software from the ground up to be energy aware as well as very energy efficient. They also developed a new technique for storing the system state in non-volatile memory, minimizing overhead and allowing quick restoration when power returns...

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Machine that finds grains of sand that look like faces


Pareidolia is an art project that uses a fully automated robot to examine grains of sand and look for faces. The name of the project comes from the word “pareidolia” itself, which is defined as “the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern.”

In the artwork Pareidolia facial detection is applied to grains of sand. A fully automated robot search engine examines the grains of sand in situ. When the machine finds a face in one of the grains, the portrait is photographed and displayed on a large screen.

I’ve got a project of my own, and it’s finding human faces that look like grains of sand. And yes, that means I just go around taking pictures of bald people.



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Researchers at Northwestern University and the...

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Doom running on a digital pregnancy test


It was just a matter of time, but Twitter user Foone managed to get Doom running on a digital pregnancy test.

Although to be clear, it’s not running on any of the pregnancy test’s actual hardware. Foone swapped out the display and microcontroller so it’s really just Doom running inside a pregnancy test shell. It’s still a neat project though because of the unique form factor. Plus, who doesn’t want to play video games on a device that people pee on? I know I never pick up my Nintendo Switch without peeing on it first...

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Using artificial intelligence to make movies lip-sync Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’


Visual effects engineer Jonty Pressinger (who previously fixed The Lion King remake by deepfaking it to look more like the cartoon version) was testing out Wav2Lip and put together this compilation of movies lip-syncing Smash Mouth’s All Star. Wav2Lip basically takes any video and syncs the lip movements using just an audio file. They even have an interactive demo you can use to test it out.

It’s just crazy that after decades of hearing about artificial intelligence and how the computers would think for themselves and take over the world, it turns out we’d just be using the technology to make videos of Tom Hanks lip-syncing to terrible songs. I mean, I’m not complaining. Dumb internet videos totally beat being hunted down and murdered by Terminator robots.

Keep going for the full video,...

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