Blazer fit check

Hello SF,

Longtime lurker, first-time poster. Thanks for having me.

A few days ago, I picked up a new navy blazer I had custom-made. I’d like to run it by you all for a fit check, mainly because I feel it’s both (a) too close-fitting, especially around the mid-section and (b) too short at the bottom. What do you think, based on the attached pictures?

When I tried it on at the tailor’s, things seemed okay. But wearing it a bit later that day I started to feel constricted in a way that I haven’t before in suit jackets that I’ve had made by the same people. Walking around at home, sitting down at my desk, getting in and out of the car – nothing terribly vigorous, but that’s just the thing. It shouldn’t feel so tight when making pretty basic human movements. Plus, when I looked in the mirror at home, the length looked really out of whack. The blazer somehow looks disproportionate with the length of my body. I have quite large legs – I’m wondering if that’s part of this.

While I’m not as knowledgeable in these matters as you denizens of SF, I know what I like in terms of style and fit when I have something made especially for me: classic, unpretentious looks with a close-but-not-too-close fit. I’m usually trusting of my intuition, but I wanted to get a second opinion. What do you all think? Furthermore, if it indeed looks a bit too tight, or too short, or both, what are my options with something like this? To what degree can something like this be “fixed” or adjusted before someone says “you’re just gonna need a whole new jacket”?

Many thanks in advance for your kind help. If imagine quality or composition is lacking, I’m happy to take more photos. Just let me know!

2020-09-21 22_05_34-Photos.png
2020-09-21 22_05_58-Photos.png
2020-09-21 22_06_13-Photos.png
2020-09-21 22_06_30-IMG_20200921_210356.jpg ‎- Photos.png